Peremohy Avenue 44, Kyiv

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Museum of Strategic Missile Forces

Museum of Strategic Missile Forces

The Museum of Strategic Missile Forces is located on the border of Kirovohradska and Mykolayivska oblasts. During the Soviet period, this missile base was off limits to the public, and was managed by the 46th Red Flag Division of the Nijniodniprovska Missile Order of the October Revolution.

Visitors to this facility will have the chance to see the USSR’s most powerful missile, the R-36M2 “Governor”, nicknamed “Satan”, which was the terror of the USA and the entire world! Previously the SS-24 “Scalpel” silo-based missile was also warehoused here. Today, a display of rocket engines, auxiliary vehicles and mock nuclear warheads are available on site for viewing.

A network of underground tunnels, measuring 155 metres end to end, connect to the command post, which is contained in a capsule suspended inside a silo 45 metres beneath the Earth’s surface. In case of war, this capsule was equipped to function as a self-sustaining unit for up to 45 days.

During the course of the tour you’ll have a chance to sit at the control panel and press the combination of keys that would have launched a nuclear missile! At present, the museum has more than 2000 items on display, and this number is constantly growing.


Museum of Strategic Missile Forces

Cost $210 per person

Tour program:

  • 08:00 – departure from Kyiv
  • 11:30 – the beginning of the tour
  • 15:00 – Lunch/free alcohol
  • 16:00 – departure to Kyiv
  • 19:00 – arrival in Kyiv (approximately)
The price of the tour is calculated per person, and varies depending on group size. Be aware that the more participants there are, the cheaper the tour is for each person!