Thrilling Experience

Do you remember when we were kids we played in the sandbox toy tanks? And what a delightfull feeling was to observe armored vehicles at military parades? Thanks to the company Adventure Tours in Ukraine, you have a unique opportunity to realize the childhood dreams – to ride a real tank and learn how to drive it!

It’s hard to describe that feeling when you control a 40-ton machine, 800 horsepower for the first time! The malicious roar of a 39-liter beast launches millions of goosebumps. Feeling of euphoria, a sense of power and a lot of other unforgettable emotions – that’s what the clients of Adventure Tours in Ukraine feel when they turn an old car into a metal, with a T-62 tank!
We provide the opportunity to drive 3 combat vehicles: BRDM-2, the legendary BTR-80 and the Soviet T-62 tank. The “Tank Driving Tour” includes:
– transfer from Kiev to the Driving Range and back;
– safety briefing;
– driving the Tank;
– riding on top of the Tank in a picturesque terrain;
– dinner.

Since 2015, the “Tank Driving Tour” was ordered more than 200 times. More than 600 people from different countries have become for us not just customers,  but real friends! To proove this, there are hundreds of reviews on our Tripadvisor website!
Call us on the phones listed above, if you want to get special emotions, crashing the car with a steel 40-ton tank!